Session Storage Across tabs

Hello guys,

How do you handle when a user opens the site in a new tab and continues working in the new tab? 

The previous tab will log the user out?

How to manage Session Storage Across tabs?

Any help will be much appreciated.


Manish P


By default, if you have many tabs opened in the same application, all of them will share the session variables as they are all in the same session.


Hi Eduardo,

if you say 'by default', do you mean I can change this behaviour ?



Hi Eduardo,

I've a problem with session variables...
I have two browser-screens open.....
I would expect they use different session-variables, but they are the same.
If I change one on screen 1, the value also changes on screen 2......



That's correct, session scope is over all your tabs within a browser session. If you want to have different 'sessions' you have to think of another mechanism.

If you share more about the purpose we can maybe help you further.

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