Link a TableRecord Value to a specific web screen

Good afternoon and congratulations for the wonderful program that you developed, and like any wonderful program let me ask assistance to solve a wonderful issue.

I have a table record that shows values related to an entity with two attributes, besides de numeric ID. Both are text and while the first one is supposed to be a name, the second should be a link to a webscreen. At the moment i can't find a way to set an attribute as a link, and i don't even know if this would be the right approach.

The idea would be to link the values of the table record to the web screen that relates to them.
That entity is supposed to be a "web screen identifier", the problem is that i can't make it behave like so.
I would like to have those values, which would relate to a specific web screen already created, linked to that same web screen.

If i'm not making myself clear please reply and i would try to rephrase this issue.

Keywords: - entities or attributes related to web screens
- Table Record Values linking to web screens

Thanks in advance!
Hi Alexandre,

Thank you very much for your compliments.

If I understood your problem correctly you are trying to create a link in a row of a TableRecords widget that redirects to another page and sends an id to that screen.
You can see how you can do that in this tutorial movie.

If you are new to the platform I would recommend that you follow these tutorial as well as the Style Guide movie that will help you create good looking applications a lot faster.

Tiago Simões
Yes i'm new to the platform but not that new.

I didn't make myself clear, i'll try to do my best now.

Imagine a page with a table record, let's call that page "Menu".
Since my application is based on users with different profiles, the Menu on that page would be different for each profile. I did a good job implementing the logic, and the application was well on tracks.
The table record would only show the web screen that a user with a specific profile could access. Since the menu is built when the user connects and the values of that menu are different between profiles, i can't have a fixed link like that showed on the tutorial.

The values of the table records correspond to the name of the web screen that profile has access, i just want to make it also a link so the user can travel to that web screen, and i can't make a fixed link since the values are always changing. The link action has to be implemented, perhaps, in the entity that stores those values.

Guess it's easier to understand now, thanks for the help anyway.

Sorry I did not get your question. If you have different menus for different permission areas you could check those permission areas in the preparation of the menu web block and then use an if (or the visible property of the links) in the design to show or not those menu items.

If the URLS are really dynamic then as you say you would need to put them in a database entity and then use an external site with an URL property and link to it, although that would make it more prone to break when things change.

Hope this time I've been able to help :).

Tiago Simões
I did it!

I used your external site idea and it worked like a charm.

Thank you very much!

Cheers :)