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Published on 27 May by João Melo
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Published on 27 May by João Melo


Does anyone here have tried converting XML Attribute node format to Outsystems Structure?

Here's an example


  <attribute name="FirstName" value="myFirstName" />
  <attribute name="LastName" value="myLastName" />


HI Ota,

I don´t use this component for a long time, but If I remember you could try to create 2 structures:

information - contains attribute record lists

attribute contains attr_FirstName and attr_Value

and set AttibutePrefix from XMLRecord to "attr"

If this not work as soon as I got env I try to test it and send an example to you.

Best Regards

Fabio Fantato

I tried creating 2 structures, which are:

Fields: List of attribute

2. attribute

       * attr_FirstName
       * attr_value

My xml is: 

    <attribute name=""FirstName"" value=""myFirstName"" />

attribute prefix: "attr_"

But I'm not getting any values.
Please see the attached file.
Thank you