Welcome to the Web Standards, Design and Usability Forum

Hello and welcome to the Web Standards, Design and Usability Forum in the OutSystems Community.

As you know, web development is changing and we are changing with it. Long gone are the days of applications whose single focus was feature completeness. Nowadays we must not only deliver a web application that does what is expected, but also one that looks and feels great to use. We are no longer developing for the customers: we are developing for the end-users.

This is much more than a superficial change. It implies changes in our development process, changes in the technologies we use, but most of all, changes in our mind set when approaching these new challenges.

As such, we're proud to introduce you to this new forum. We hope that it will become a vehicle not only to help everyone encompass all the changes that are happening everyday with the web, but also make sure that you have all the tools and knowledge that you need to be among the best in what concerns web development using the OutSystems Platform.

The road ahead is open. Let's lead the way.

Paulo Tavares