Have you used the new div-based StyleGuide?

Have you used the new div-based StyleGuide?

Hi, all!

By now, you've probably used the new styleguide.
Solutions: http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=6

The new styleguide follows the "tables for tabular-data and not layouts" motto and relies considerably on javascript.

Have you used it? If not, why?
What was your experience?
Which were your main difficulties?
Did you need to create new page layouts?
If so, were these div-based layouts?
And ... what could make your life easier?

Bear in mind, that OutSystems version 4.1, which is coming out the oven, already deals with the issues of container manipulation at the WYSIWYG level.

Hi Gonçalo,

Can you please tell me if there is any special reason to OS removed left menu?
And if there is any quick way to introduced a left menu in the latest style guide?

Thank you and best regards,
Alexandra Carreira
Hi Alexandra!

We're glad to hear that you're using the new StyleGuide.

About the left menu, though, it was removed in the StyleGuide redesign since, at the time, we were aiming towards a task-oriented navigation system, and the top-menu seemed more appropriate at the time.

With time, we happened to face some projects that required a left menu instead of a top menu - either for aesthetical or coherence purposes - but the truth is that there's no quick way to introduce a left menu in the latest style guide other than create your own and then change every page to a two-column design, which might not be that quick to do.

What is your specific requirement for the left menu?

Maybe someone who has gone through that process might be of more help.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares

My requirement is to preserve our applications layout and at the same time download you latest StyleGuide.

You tell me that the reason was "and the top-menu seemed more appropriate at the time" and adds that "With time... that required a left menu instead of a top menu", which seems a someone's idea rather a detailed study.

Thank you for attention.
Best regards,
Alexandra Carreira

Hi Alexandra.

What I meant above was that yes, we did study several transactional web-based applications before doing the decision to stick to the top menu. At the time, we were actually hoping that we could promote the top menu as the de-facto standard menu for web applications developed in OutSystems.

Still, we ended up facing some projects that because they had specific layout requirements that needed a left menu (either to keep coherence, or just for aesthetical purposes), and not because it was best suited for a task-oriented navigation. In those scenarios the left-side menu had to be created manually.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares