How to Integrate a Custom Login with External SQL Server DB of Third-Party Server

Hi ,

I have a Users DB on Third-party SqlServer & I want to create a  Custom Login & Register Screen with Outsystem Mobile Application.

Note: We are not in a state from back-end perspective to use the External Authentication provider [LDAP/AD].

Need to setup just a simple Module with external DB like what we do normally in Native app's.

I also went through the mentioned articles & link but didn't find appropriate solution to do the same.

I don't want to create Users in Outsystem nor the Groups. What I want is to use the Existing User from External DB, I guess I can consume REST API to check the Authentication on Login & Register like what we do normally with Native App's.

Also I searched about the "DbConnectionManagementService", is this can be a solution for connecting external DB for the Login & Further Story.



If I recall correctly, you can integrate that external DB with Integration Studio and then consume that extension in a simple Module with some REST methods to perform the operations you need (login, user creation, etc)