I have a list containing some values and I can extract an Id but i need to convert it to an index to read a data from the list.

Or how can I use the Id to get the correct row.

Thank you by advance !

PJ M wrote:

Lists have a CurrentRowNumber you can use for that:


Thank you very much !

I'm a completely beginner at this program !

Hi Alexandre,

Why do you need to "convert an Id to an index"? That seems rather advanced, not something someone who is a complete beginner should try to do. Perhaps you can tell us what you want functionally instead of technically? What are you trying to achieve?

Hi Alexandre,

You can use ListFilter. You can get it from system. 




I've finally used an another solution :

I've used the Id that I got to use "GetList" and I've assigned all the values that I needed into variables. It's less optimised but much more easy to use the values to display things !

But thank you all for your quick answers !


Hi Alexandre,

Very likely, what you did is certainly not optimal. Can you share an eSpace so we can take a look and guide you?