Popup editor close + redirect opener page

Hi all !

I need to close the Popup_Editor AND make the refresh of the opener page ... can I do that ?

The popup add a record in my table: with the closing of the popup I would like to refresh the opener page ... showing the new inserted record.

Thanks !

Hi Luca,

Check part 2 of this exercise: https://www.outsystems.com/learn/lesson/868/scaffolding-and-richwidgets-exercise/

It explains step by step what you want to do.



Hi José, thanks for the link !

I understand the solution ... but the Ajax refresh in the "OnNotify" doesn't refresh my Table Records ...

With the debugger I see that I pass through it, but the table remains "still" ...

any suggestion ?


Hi Luca ,

On Notify on parent page refresh the aggregate also. Then the list gets updated.



great ! it works !

I missed that part !

thanks to everyone