Hi, I have an issue here that I don't know how (or even if) I can solve it.

So, I have a table and a list_navigation widget. In the beginning I had only one source and I was able to go through the pagination just fine. So far so good.

Then I needed to implement different sources. I have implemented different sources to the table depending on which tab, in the current page, I click. It works perfectly. Except the list_navigation doesn't change its current page when I dynamically change the start index of the page... Is there any way to control that?

As a last resort I'll just create different tables, as opposed of just "one that fits all", though I'd prefer to keep it this way, if possible.


It would seem I just found the solution to my own problem. :)

So, I'm dynamically changing the starting index by storing it in a variable (called List_Navigation_StartIndex). But I was assigning it directly on the Start Index parameter of the table. It worked for the tabel, but not for the list_navigation widget.

So, I checked out this answer's solution and ended up with this: 

List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(Table.Id, False, List_Navigation_StartIndex)

Why? Because this will reset the start index of the list_navigation to the one I choose without storing a variable for it (which doesn't work for this purpose).