Anyone who has tried to create non-standard web applications, has come across the limits of the available browsers (more IE), in one form or the other.

My believe is that our current browser compatibility concerns should go for Mozilla Firefox, Ms IE6, Ms IE7 and, maybe, Apple Safari, thus covering ~99% of the market.

Apple Safari, gladly, seems to behave a lot like Firefox, making our lives easier. Regarding IE7 and, specially, IE6, the same cannot be said.

Having this in mind, the following hacks may come in handy:

.myElement {
height: 100px; /* applied to all browsers */
_height: 110px; /* used only by IE6 and not IE7 */
*height: 120px; /* used by IE6 and IE7 */

Having opened Pandora's box, have this in mind:
~ NEVER use a CSS hack without explanatory comments (like ones above). It'll save you a lot of enemies, down the road! ;-)
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