After upgrading to newer version of outsystems 823, am getting the database invalid procedures error. Please find the below error and do the needful to resolve this issue.

OSADMIN              PROCEDURE               MOVEDATA_REQUESTFACT             09-07-2018 09:34 13-07-2018 11:28 INVALID
OSADMIN              PROCEDURE               MOVEDATA_SERVERINVOCATIONFACT    09-07-2018 09:34 13-07-2018 11:28 INVALID

Hi Sripriya,

Where do you see these errors?

Hi Kilian,

In my virtual machine,

I don't get it. What "virtual machine"?

Sorry Kilian. I could see the database procedures is invalid in SQL Developer tool. And got the warning like table corresponding to that procedure is missing. What would be the next step i have to do? Hope now you can understand.

Hi Sripriya,

Do you have actual errors visible in Service Center, or when publishing, etc.? If not, I'd not put too much effort in trying to find out why some non-OS tools produce errors.