consume web service response's header

Hi there,

i consume external web service using REST API. My question is how to read the response's header of the web service?

regards, thank you


Hi Pasar,

Note that if you just want values from the header, it may not be needed to use the On After Response, but instead you an add the header parameters as Output Parameters with their "Receive In" Property set to "Header". If you match their names to the header name, or set the ""Name in Response" to the right value, you receive them without having to use the On After Response.


Hi Edu and Kil,

Thank you very much. The Kilian's way is working:

, and for Edu, it is the way to customized response received, although i am still confused what is CustomizedResponse in here, as when i reverse the order of both assignments below, it still got the same result:



Hi Pasar,

CustomizedResponse is the output, and you should assign in the logical order. However, the reason why it still works if you swap the assigns, is because Headers is a List. And like all Lists, when you assign them, they are assigned by reference, meaning that the list itself isn't duplicated, so that a change via one Variable is the same as via another: