Managing Application User Roles

I am completely lost on how to separate users into Roles, I saw the tutorial with the right-click and added the roles in the logic tab.

I have also assigned the role in the users eSpace (<cloud_url>/users).

However I can't seem to see the Roles in the Scope in client actions (this is me trying to set visibility based on role) and only in the server actions in logic.

Also no matter what I do; even though I have successfully set the role in the users eSpace, when I try adding a filter in a data request / aggregate to find all users with a "Pro" role; it always ends up empty or with this weird error like "invalid compiler output."

Enviroment is the personal cloud and the IDE and am already of Outsystems 10 and IDE is 10.827 i believe.

Not quite sure what you mean but typically to make use of the Roles other than the check boxes on pages

1. Use the Roles <role> Check<role>(Userid) from the scope tree where the little locks are

2. Use the Built-in-Functions/Roles CheckRole(RoleId, UserId) functions

3. (not really recommended) join directly to the User_Effective_Role entity available from the Dependencies under System

Yeah in general you'd check roles in actions by using the Check<role> action.

If you were trying to pull a LIST of users with a particular role, you would want to join Users to User_Effective_Role and join that to Role as seen below.

Then simply filter by the Role you are looking to get a list of.