How to get the reference of datagridview in windows application?(vb.net2.0)

Hi All,

I display data in datagridview in windows application.


Then I added two extra columns Edit & Delete to datagridview.If i click The Edit button then i need to edit that corresponding row.Is it possible?

Hi Aswath,

I don't mean to be rude and I'm sorry for pointing out this out to you, but this is a forum dedicated to the OutSystems Platform and other subjects revolving around it.

As the OutSystems Platform does not currently support windows applications, I'm guessing you're not using it for the application at hand. Therefore, it's not within the scope of this forum to answer your question. There are better dedicated forums around the web to reply to your question.

If you have any doubt about the OutSystems Platform, please don't hesitate to come back here!

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It's rare to see this kind of problem in OutSystems. I did hear something about the WinForms UI Gridview, why don't you go and check the related materials. There are tons of Gridview control tutorial out there.