Chart Donut -AdvancedFormat inner size



The AdvancedFormat code posted below doesn't change the size of my donut chart (mobile). What could be the problem?

    plotOptions: {
        pie: {
            size: '100%',
            innerSize: '20%',
            minPointLength: 3
        series: {
            minPointLength: 3
    legend: {
        labelFormatter: function() {
            return + '~' + Highcharts.numberFormat(this.percentage, 2) + '%' ;

Hi Ivan,

Maybe the problem is in the size of the container where the chart is. See this Jsfiddle, your code does not seem to have any problems.

The Height of the Chart is 400.

I've moved the chart in the main screen, but still no change.

The chart is for mobile app, maybe this is relevant.