redirecting from the pop up screen to another screen by closing pop screen


There is a button in my pop screen which redirect to another main screen. when i click the button in pop up screen , its redirecting to the respective screen,but screen is showing in the pop up block only. How can i close pop up screen when i click the button should redirect automatically to the main screen. Please help me.



Hi Tamilmaran,

When you click that button you need to close the popup and Popup_Editor_Notify(richWidgets) the parent. When you add this notify to the popup you need to say to which screen action you are redirected when you call the notify on the popup. On that screen action you redirect yo the page you want.




Hi Tamilmaran,

In the screen action of Popup firstly call the "Popup_Editor_Notify" and then "Popup-Editor_Close" action. After that on the "OnNotify" Action of the parent screen just at the place of end node, specify your Destination screen. Then you will be redirected to your another main screen.

The popup screen action would be like->

After which, the "OnNotify" action of parent screen will be like->


Thank you Marcelo and Pravi, That worked.