Hi there,

I consume external web service and it sends {} (Json format). My question is how to know if it is emptyas the data in outsystems populate it as null/blank for each field..

regards and thank you

you can use the postman, put the correct data and see if the data appears, if they appear, you are doing something wrong in the outsystem even at the time of consumption


Hi Pasar,

The only thing I can think of is to inspect the JSON in an On After Response, and modify the JSON or the header to pass some status information back to the caller. Note that this is a general problem with the way the Platform handles Structures vs. REST, as any missing JSON name/value pair will result in an Attribute with the default value.


I've just had a similar issue with an SMS services provider. The JSON format in the body expected an array of messages but my problem was that I was assigning one message as if it was a record and not a list so the body ended up being empty and I got a HTTP Status code of 400. By using a ListAppend action instead, I was able to get the message data into the Request successfully.

Thought I'd post this for posterity and hope it helps someone.