Automatic certification exam result

Taking an exam is always a stressful situation for our certification candidates. We empathize with this, and our OutSystems Training Operations Team is committed to improving their experience as much as we can, making it faster, painless and even enjoyable.

Knowing the exam result as soon as possible is important for our candidates, and so from last week, we are providing them just that. This means the candidates that are taking the online certification developer exam are now receiving the score as soon as they submit the exam.

This might seem like a small improvement, but it’s one more step in our journey to deliver an excellent customer experience to our developers.

Best regards,

Manuel Salgado

OutSystems Training Partners and Operations Manager

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I did the exam today, and received an email with result soon after finished :)

Sorry for commenting on a old post but I did my exam today few hours ago and I did not receive my results yet.
Should I do something? or just wait? 

Hi Cinthya Mara Dos Santos,

the results are immediate, you usually have a response within 5/10 minutes. Validate if you received the email in spam, or make sure the email was correct.

In the latter case, you can also send an email to ProctorU support.


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Hi Cinthya,

Verify your spam like Nuno wrote in the previous post.

I already had that problem and opened a support case in Outsystems. For what they told me, the problem was something related with my email (because I'm associated in a Partner account but the request was with my personal email account).

That appends with an exam made in ProctorU. If you did your exam in Prometric maybe can be different.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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Thank for sharing this info.may be it will remove some stress after the exam :)

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Hello everyone!

I took the Web Developer certification through Proctor U and indeed the result arrived in my mail box within 5 minutes or less. However, three days ago I took another test through Prometric and it took me more than 12 hours to get the results by e-mail. 

Just some feedback for who may be apprehensive while waiting :)

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Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback, as it is always much appreciated.

These challenging (COVID-19) times are putting a lot of stress on our team, and on our service providers' capacity to maintain the usual levels of service (e.g. Test Centers closing, staff now working remotely with non-optimal conditions...).

We are all doing our best the keep serving our community.

Best regards and stay safe!

Head of Training @ OutSystems

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Thanks Manuel for the update. 

In this challenging time, the programs like BCP providing the virtual developer certifications, are a great initiative.

Hello everyone,

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to certify with the campaign, but in my case, I couldn't even schedule an exam date on the Prometic site (to which the Outsystems pre-registration addresses) and when I get to the final step I always get the same error from the site, the truth is stressful, I try every day with the same negative result.

Hopefully it can be resolved soon and get my exam and certification,


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Hi Richard,

You can send an email to training@outsystems.com they will be able to help.

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HI Richard,

Please wait for some time and you can also send email to training@outsystems.com or create ticket for same.

My personal advice to wait, due to large request for certification it will take some days to send you voucher code.


Rajat Agrawal

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An update, BCP Free Certification Requests are being handled at talent@outsystems.com

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Thanks for sharing :)

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I passed the OutSystems 11 Web Developer certification today, and was immediately emailed the scoring report.  The report is actually very nice and details the scoring for each exam topic section.  I passed with a 94%, but missed questions on the topics I felt strongest in (wouldn't that figure lol).

I was curious if OutSystems provides an actual certificate and logo that can be used and displayed?  I did not notice any mention of this on the score report or the certification guide.

Thanks for any info.

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Hi Manuel, I would like to say thanks.

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Thanks for the update. I completed my certification this week and got my result within 5 mins and also received my certificate in few hours



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Hello, I take my Associate Reactive Developer (OutSystems 11) exam today, but until now I did not receive an email with the result. 

Should I be worried? 

It passes 1 hour since I finish the exam 

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Taking advantage of the subject, I took the "Associate Mobile Developer" test on August 25, 2020 and received only an email from Prometric stating that I spent, however, until now (almost 1 week later) nothing to appear here on my profile. I know about changing this certification to "Associate Reactive Developer" + "Mobile Developer Specialist", according to the link:


I opened a support ticket and so far I have no answer. It is normal for this delay due to update this certification?

Best Regards,
Edson Marques