I am getting error message on top of screen while selecting combobox

Message:"OSADMIN_OSDEV1"."OSUSR_FP3_APPLIC15" with key 0 was not found

eSpaceVer: 229 (Id=8162, PubId=8281, CompiledWith=10.0.603.3)

Stack:"OSADMIN_OSDEV1"."OSUSR_FP3_APPLIC15" with key 0 was not found
   at ssTrackingTool.ExtendedActions.GetApplicationsearchForUpdate(HeContext heContext, Int64 inParamId, RCApplicationsearchRecord& outParamRecord)
   at ssTrackingTool.Flows.FlowMainFlow.ScrnSearchScreen.CommandSearch(HeContext heContext)

I need help to fix this error.

Hi Anusha,

As you can see from te stack trace, in the "SearchScreen" Screen in the CommandSearch Screen Action, there's a call to the GetApplicationsearchForUpdate Action, which is getting a NullIdentifier() instead of a valid Identifier. Fixing this error involves whatever is the cause of there not being a valid Identifier set. Please debug your program to see what's going on.