Set Domain name for OS server

Hi Team,

I add domain name to my server i.e.

Now what is happening when I type it's open white screen and when I typed it open login screen..

I need help here, when someone type then it open login screen.


Rajat Agrawal

Hello Rajat.

Everything you need to set SEO rules and redirect from the domain name to a login page is here:

You have to use the Site Rule and map the domain URL to an app.

You can take a look here:

May be necessary to change the App Pool (in IIS) of the site.


Hi Eduardo,

Let me check the document but my license is on cloud so I don't have access of IIS.




Hi Rajat, I just did this yesterday so its fresh, the link to:

That Eduardo shared will have all the info but what you need is the option for  Site Rules List:

Set base URL to:
Ignore locale (leave blank)
Set Root Application to: Rajat

Hope this works.



Thank You Eduardo & Andre for your help.


Rajat Agrawal