Filling the table data with the web service SOAP / REST

Dear All,

I do not understand how to fill data into a table I created via webservice SOAP / REST please provide an example with ext .oml or .oap

Example  My Table

Field            DateType

Id                LongInteger

RefNo         String

Satatus       Bolean

Thank you

Hello Hothorasman,

There's a nice article by Eduardo explaining how to get help on the forum. What have you tried?

What are you trying to do? Show it on the screen? Or store it on an entity?

If it's the first, invoke the method on preparation and then use it as the source for a table records. If it's the latter, just iterate the results and store them using Create/CreateOrUpdate.

Regarding the example, please provide what you have done so far. We'll then take that up and guide you through the path.



Dear Armando Gomes,,

Thank you for your attention, I have found a solution