Deployment controller service is down.

Hi Team,

I am  working  as  Outsystems developer .When  i  login  to  lifetime  portal .i  got  below  message 

  • Deployment controller service is down.

My  UAT  envirroment  deployment  controller  service  is  down .

I am  login  my  application .it  showning  below  error  message.

there was an error processing your request. please try again later..

Even if  not  able to  login  service  center  also.This  outsystems  environment  isnot  my  personal.It  is  company  environment.

I checked  front end  servver  deployment  service  is  running.What shold  i  do  ?

Please  help  me.


Hi Kallol,

Do your environment is cloud or on premise?  If it is cloud open a support ticket to OutSystems team investigate what is the issue.

If the env is an on-premise installation, we have different issues to investigate.Please verify with your infrastructure administrator. You will need Admin roles to check it.  The most common issues are, you can check them before open a ticket.

1. Mac Address for your server was changed , so the license is not valid anymore.  Check the Administration->License to see if it is the case. You will need get another license to fix it.

2. The server was not started correctly (communication errors with database server for instance). The first try it is restart the outsystems services and see if the error is still persisted.

If none of this options works, open a support ticket 

Best regards

Fabio Fantato