Does Outsystems have a maximum number of Users? 

We seem to have 140 000 Users created currently in our Dev environment. Are there any recommendations to user management and the number of users?


Hi Sara,

The number of users depends of your license. You can check it on service center Administration >
Licensing > Active Named Users. 

I never had the experience of having that many users but the problems should be the same as when any other table keeps getting bigger. Everything related with users will keep getting slower as the size grows. But I dont think that will impact the performance of your applications unless you start doing really complex stuff.

Said that would be nice to have opinion of someone that already been on the same situation as you.




I am agreed with Marcelo.. The number of users depends of your license..

I think you can delete or remove unwanted users if they not in use.


Hi Sara,

As Rajat and Marcelo already said , the number of users is related to your license.  In other hand, regarding the performance, it will only be affected in terms of concurrent users. Your infrastructure could have some performance issues if you have a several quantity of requests at the same time.

The exactly number your infra will supports require an stress test to decide if you need scale your env.

On personal environments this number is about 100 users.

Best regards

Fabio Fantato

Thanks for the answers.

Looks like there shouldn't be an issue :)