Outsystems environments in separate windows domains supported?


I'm new to Outsystems and I'm looking for a possible setup for an On-Premise Outsystems infrastructure.

The Outsystems installation is comprised of an infrastructure with four environments.

In our organization we have a seperate windows single forest domain for development, pre-production and production.

We have an external trust between development and production and between pre-production and production so we can give user accounts in the production environment access rights in the non-production environments.

My question is: can I put each Outsystems environment in a separate windows domain like:

- Development enviroment in the windows development domain

- Quality environment in the windows pre-production domain

- Production environment in the windows production domain

- LifeTime environment in the windows production domain

Is this supported?

Hello Ronny,

I believe so, as long as LifeTime can communicate with all environments. If not, you can always use manual solution publishing between environments. Please check this article about zones, it should be able help in your questions.


Hi Ronny,

You can use different domains without issues. The only restriction you have is about your lifetime environment.

Lifetime should have access to all your envs to synchronize information and do the right management. This visibility could be done in your internal network using private IPs or public IPs as you desire.

In point of view of your apps you need to pain attention to not build hardcore URLs inside your applications to avoid issues regarding these URLs.

Best regards

Fabio Fantato