Get new attribute for Users Table

Hi everyone!

I've a problem: I need to get a new attribute for my Users table. That attribute is available in our Active directory but I don't know how I can change/edit the query that is being made in our AD.

Someone already had that problem?


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Ricardo Pereira

Hello Ricardo,

Who is doing the query? OutSystems and the default login functionality?

In that case, I would suggest that you do an additional query to your AD to obtain the attribute and then fill the corresponding record.


Hello Armando,

Thanks for your help!

I'll try that! My only question is if outsystems have some connector to query by LDAP.

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Hello Ricardo,

Check the forge for LDAP. You'll have three entries. Pick the best for your needs.


Thanks Armando! Good tip! ;)

If it works I mark the solution!