I am a recent OutSystems developer, being only working on the platform for 3 weeks now. I am planning to make an autonomous garden with an Arduino controller, that will water the plants, control the temperature and control the humidity of the soil, backed up by an web and mobile app to monitorize all the process. For that I need to make a connection between my Arduino and the OutSystems platform and would like to know what is the best method to do so. Thanks.

Hi Pedro,

Here's a recent article on OutSystems and IoT, and there's a forum post with some reference to Forge components. Basically, you need to connect your Arduino to an IoT platform, and interface with that Platform from OutSystems, via REST.

Hello Pedro,

I have never used Arduino - I'm more of a Pi(e) guy :) - but I would suggest using web services. There is a project of using Alexa with OutSystems so you should take a look and see if anything there helps you.


Hi Pedro Martins,

Did you realize your plan to make a standalone garden with an Arduino controller? What technical approach did you follow? 

best regards