Coherence Suggestion Issue

Coherence Suggestion Issue


sometimes in some eSpaces I've got the following warning:

Coherence Suggestion:
SimpleQuery 'Max. Records' should be set to 'ListNavigation_GetStartIndex(tableRecordsSimpleQuery.Id, False) + tableRecordsSimpleQuery.LineCount + 1' to match the number of records presented by tableRecordsSimpleQuery.

Then I go to the SimpleQuery 'Max. Records' and its already there, and the tableRecordsSimpleQuery 'Start Index' has the following expression "ListNavigation_GetStartIndex(tableRecordsSimpleQuery.Id, False)"

So, I don't understand why it keeps warning me something that is already fixed.

Does anyone knows if this is a known issue?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Nelson,

This is a bug in service studio please report it to OutSystems Support
As a workaround you can use ListNavigation_GetStartIndex(tableRecordsSimpleQuery.Id,False) instead of ListNavigation_GetStartIndex(tableRecordsSimpleQuery.Id, False) - note that there's no space between the comma and the second parameter.

I hope this helps you. Cheers,
Hi André,

thanks for the workaround. I will report this bug right away.