[Google Maps] Billing account related zoom issue?

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Published on 2019-08-06 by Labs
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Published on 2019-08-06 by Labs

Hi community,

I want to use Google Maps plugin for a mobile app. 

In order to use this plugin effectively, I understand that I need to add a billing account in my google developer console. Since I am just experimenting with the app, I do not intend to add it as of yet. However, I am facing the following issue when using it, which I am unsure whether it is because I haven't added a billing account.

I tried keying in various integers in the ZoomLevel input parameter in the map block, but after I published, the zoomlevel still looks the same. My idea is that when a marker is clicked, the map will zoom in on that specific marker, but since the zoomlevel does not change, I can't implement this feature. (I can manually zoom in using the controls though, just cannot program it)

Also, can I ask whether it is possible to show your current location using a different marker icon on the map? How would an outline of implementing such a feature look like?

Thanks in advance.