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Published on 2017-04-26 by Elena Novozhilova
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Published on 2017-04-26 by Elena Novozhilova

Hello everyone,

I have a follow situation:

  • We have an huge contrat and it's very dynamic with some exchanges depending the situation of the business;
  • I'm currently "studying" the forge (OfficeUtils) and I have de follow questions:
    • How to format an expression in outsystems (in bold, Italic or underline)? I tried to find an ASCII to do that, and so far...nothing found...
    • I, also, need to do a dynamic Numbering...If I do a NewLine() (or Chr(10)) the numbering is not possible, so I can't create a dynamic contract...

Here I have an example to understand better what I've pretend:

Any help?

Best Regards...

Hi jponte,

Have you tried using CKEditor? It's an open source WYSIWYG rich text (HTML) editor. You can find it at

All the best