I'am try to install the platform server 8, but when I click on Apply and exit

I get this error:  

I have the IISAdmin started.

someone can help me?
Thank you.

Hello Marina,

Is this in a client context or personal one? Platform 8 is not supported anymore. You can register a Free Personal Environment to use and learn OutSystems.

Hello João,

This is a client context.

But, I need the platform 8 to upgrade the "Absences Manager" application. https://www.outsystems.com/forge/52/

Can you, help me? How can I upgrade this application to the platform 10?

Thank you!

Marina Costa

I see the last published version is in OS 4.2.

You don't need to publish the eSpace in platform 8 (I believe). Just open it in Service Studio 8 and save. Then open it again in Service Studio 10 and try to publish.

Hi João,

thanks for your answer.

I can't do it, because my enviroment is on platform 10.

This is the reason why I was trying to set up a new enviroment on platform 8.

Do you have the service studio 8?

Can you open and save the "Absences Manager" application for me?

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Marina Costa

Hi Marina

Try downloading Service Studio 8 here.

Then open the application in this version and save.

Then open it again in Service Studio 10 and try to publish.

Let us know if you were successful.


João Heleno

Hi João,

but to open the Service Studio 8 I need the Platform Server 8, right?

Thank you

Best Rehards,

Marina Costa


No, just install Service Studio 8 and it will upgrade the file. Then save the file and try to publish in version 10.