Hi All,

I have moved my developed code from dev to prod. In that case, Should I have to change the host name that I have configured in rest services for consuming api has to be changed in Service Studio or any other option is available.

Yes, In service center, go to the espace with your rest services, on the integration tab you can configure the correct URL's for consumed and exposed REST and SOAP services.

Like Daniël mentioned:

  • You do not need to change anything in your code (in Service Studio).
  • If you have Prod versions of your consumed REST API, you will need to:
    • Go to Service Center, open the module where you are consuming your REST API;
    • Select the Integrations Tab;
    • Open the consumed REST API and change its Effective URL to the Prod endpoint of your consumed REST API

Thank you. After entering those effective url and saving that I could not able to view it. how can I view the url that I had entered in case i need to update?

They should be visible on  the integration tab, exactly where you entered them.

This is how the url is looking after entering and saving?


On the integrations tab it should show in the column URL

On the details screen as:


Working on the web services exercise and getting a 404 error with url "http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/w154"

Any work around?

Thanks, Jim.

James Mueller wrote:  Fixed!, I had an error in my response code.