Problema licença

Bom dia,

Hoje ao aceder aparece esta mensagem.
Your license is invalid as it was issued for a different server with the following serial number 'ADX-HSQ-BPK-TYS-VEV-7TC-Z0E-AOU'.You must delete applications or Contact OutSystems Sales to keep using the OutSystems Platform.
Já tentei renovar a activation code "" mas a página já não existe.

Podem ajudar sff?


Lopes Miguel

Hi Lopes,

This error usually happens when your Mac Address had changed. So, a new Serial Number is created and the license goes down.  The fix for this is return to old mac address or regenerate the license.

The main issue, the version 8 is no longer supported and community edition was replaced to Personal Environments(cloud) now . So, you will not be able to regenerate a license to this env.

You should seriously think to migrate your apps to new version.

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Hi Lopes Miguel,

OutSystems Platform 8 has been discontinued for a while now.

Unfortunately I don't think it's possible to get a Community license anymore for it. The Community edition was replaced by Personal Environments in OutSystems Platform 9, so you will have to either use your Platform 8 license on the original machine it was issued for or you probably need to migrate to a PE if it makes sense to you.

Hi Fábio,


Thank you for the answer, but


How can I regenerate the license?

Best regards

Lopes Miguel

Hello Miguel

I think that the best aproch is to raise a ticket with Outsystems support so they can have alook at your environment.