How to fetch Child Table Data from Parent ID

I have to  tables in my local entity section.

I have design a List-in-List on screen i.e I have 2 list.

Parent List has a data Source set to table-A, & child list data-source set to table-B.

I wan to fetch all child record based on Parent List ID.

I have added a filter in Child Table & used a VariableID.

But I am not able to set it in runtime.



You'd need to create an webblock to put your child list. This webblock would have a ParentId as input variable.

In your main screen you only need to fetch the parent's list.



You should keep your child list content in web block and this web block should be in parent list You can bind a parent id as input variable with child web block list after that you will easily fetch the child list details using parent id.