BPT - Sub Process or Activity

Hi there, i am wondering whether i need to create a sub process for each activity or just put some activities in a process.

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Why are you repeating yourself?

You had already asked this before here.


João Heleno

Hi joao, 

It is different one, not about sync. I have a parent process with some sub processes. Then i create an action. What is the consideration to encapsulate that new activity in a new subprocess or just put it within the existing sub process? 



Hi "Pasar Anyar",

What's your goal? According to the Execute Process documentation, "The use of the Execute Process allows you to improve the reusability of processes and help you to maintain consistency in the implementation of processes." - reusability... you define it once and can use it in multiple process to guarantee consistent processes (for instance, several different processes can handle their invoicing and payment portion in the same way, because they execute the Invoicing&Payment process for that).

So that's the most common reason to define a another process and execute it (but not the only one, check here for another common situation where you benefit from defining and executing processes from a parent process).