Text Area Height Change


I am trying to change the height of a Text Area widget. I've tried going into the Styles Editor and setting it there but it doesn't seem to have any affect. I've also tried putting it in CSS but that doesn't work either. It seems to me that one of those should have worked so I am at a loss. I've looked all over the Forums for a solution and found this, which is similar to my issue but I just need a set height. The pic below shows the screen I am working on. I want the white Text Area to take up the whole middle part of the screen (lighter blue). Thanks in advance!



You have a Text Lines property in the Text Area widget properties.


Hi Ben. I just need to set the property Text Lines in your Text Area element.

Ahh, I knew it had to be something simple. Thanks guys!

Hi, On the same note, can we make the Text lines to be dynamic as per the text added in the text area? Can someone please help me on this.