[Custom Masks] Currency Format - No dashes allowed


I am currently using the MaskCurrency from Custom Masks and it functions exactly the way I want it to (having a dollar sign, two decimal places, and default value $0.00), except for the fact that it allows dashes for negative numbers.

For the purpose of my inputs, I would like to keep the functionality exactly as is, except without the ability to add dashes.

This is how I want the format to be:

Current settings inside the properties of the MaskCurrency widget:

Hi Andy,

you can use this advanceOptions "{allowMinus: false}".

When you want to ask things about a specific component go to the discussion part of that specific component. That way the team supporting it will receive an email about your question. For Custom Masks would be https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-discussions/647/Custom+Masks