How to Abort DataActions Running Asynchronously in Runtime Manually ? | Mobile App


I have a screen with  3 tabs & lists in it. The data for the list is coming from 3 different REST API.

I have created 3 DataActions in Screen in order to call the Rest API & show data further respectively.

The DataActions get's called automatically in a Asynchronous way whenever I go on that Screen, which is good & working perfect.


The problem is If I go to the screen & frequently comes back from that screen, Still the Data Actions that has been initiated are under progress to complete there defined call's. What If I want to Abort the running Data Actions whenever they are in progress.

Because my API are very slow & taking 10+ Seconds to response thus in order to Optimize the app performance I want to cancel the Running Data Actions [If they are...] while I come back from that screen.

So how to Abort the Data Actions Manually?



Hi assif,

Can you use timers instead of Data Actions?

Paulo Cação wrote:

Hi assif,

Can you use timers instead of Data Actions?

I have two use-cases target under the existing,

1- The Data Action gets called at Initial.

2- If the response failed or something happen , I provide a UI o user where he can refresh the same i.e I Refresh Data Actions.

Can you specify how can I integrate the same with Timers. I know we can cancel Timers but that would be heavy..

I am going through Processes Sample, I guess that can be one to swap with the existing.