Controlling dropdown widget on mobile app


It is a bit frustrating how much effort is needed to customize dropdown widget on mobile to desired design and logic.

For example if by design it should have an arrow on top/right/etc. When it is on the bottom of the page it should autoscroll page to display a full list or show it above (actually position should be parametrized).

It should be possible to set display element limit and have scroll if the list is long.

Is there any information of what library was used for dropdown widget implementation or it was all custom coded? If it is a library there is hope there are advanced parameters available via js.

Often I replace this widget with native dropdown component from forge but sometimes custom dropdown is required by design.

How are ou usually customize standard dropdown widget or with what replace it?


Hi Mykola,

This is probably not the answer you wanted, but I believe the dropdown widget is custom code.

I usually use the native dropdown instead of this one, or use a full screen selection modal, which is just a container with a styled list widget. The last one ends up being much easier to customize than the platform's dropdown widget and I think it also has better usability.