BPT - Process isn't mapped to an object at Runtime?

Process XXXX-BBBB-AAAA-YYYYYY isn't mapped to an object at Runtime


Please see my Forge component.BPTExample

Hi Yadav,

What is its name? Is there an explanation about that error? and a way to avoid that? thank you

BPTExample...just check.

ok, thank you I'll check later. Why don't you publish a book on Outsystems?


Sure..after u..thanks

:) I believe that BPT should be in a book as the features- impact anaylis, performance, etc - is so powerful and need detail explanation. I am in a bank project and still in doubt just in case there are changes in the BPT and what is its impact to former transctions..how to work around that? etc..



I do not know, but i have terminated all active processes , can be lack of resources.