How to handle html content in outSystems mobile


There is html content with the data, may i know how do i handle this html in outSystems mobile app?

For example, 








I want to remove the html tag and display according to the html tag in mobile.

Hi Shailendra,

It is possible using the Javascript node.

Create a container on your screen where you want to put the content and give it a name.

Then in the ready event hander of the screen (check the screen properties):
1) get the content that you want to display
2) create a JS Node
3) pass the content and the container id to the JS Node
4) write something like this is the JSNode
    document.getElementById($parameters.ContainerId).innerHTML = $parameters.Content
5) win!




Hi Shailendra Shrivastava,

Below screenshot will you display the Html content in mobile app.


Hi Shailendra Shrivastava,

Can I start by asking why do you need to do HTML scraping? it's not something you'd usually see on the client side of a mobile app.

This scenario is not working while using list values from aggregate

Have any idea about that??