How can I decrypt the password in server.hsconf file?


I installed outsystems java stack in my laptop for learning purpose

But I forgot the password that I gave in server.hsconf file. Now the passwords are in encrypted format

help me to connect to the database with osadmin

You need a license in order to run the platform. Do you have one?

You can learn with a Free Personal Environment. 

Yes I have and with my personal environment what should i do to recover the password of Users

Hi Balaji,

If you are talking about the database users, those you configure via configuration tool, you can:

  • Create new users and drop those you have at the moment. Then update the configuration to use the new users instead;
  • You can change the password via database (Oracle and MySQL examples). Then you just have to update the configuration;

For application users, you can follow this KB article. Only valid for on-premise environments. For your Personal Environment you need to contact OS support.