Dear all,

from outsystems we are using webservices from a 3rd party.

The problem is there services don't accept True/False in a boolean-field, only true/false (lowercase).

Is there any way to passs a boolean lowercase?

Obviously i can change the automatically created structures into text or integer, but if I have to refresh these services because they have a new WSDL-version, outsystems will created new corresponding structures with boolean-fields.

Hi Jeroen,Please create extension(.net) and use this way you can achieve functionality of passing Boolean in lower case.

Hi Jeroen,

"true" and "false" (and iirc "1" and "0") are the only valid values for a SOAP boolean. I did a quick test, and it seems that as I would expect, OutSystems indeed passes these values in case of a boolean:

So what I think happens is that in fact, the boolean is not a Boolean but a Text Attribute, and you assign a Boolean value to the Text Attribute, which is when the standard Boolean-to-Text conversion kicks in, which will indeed result in "True" or "False" (with an initial capital). You should check the auto-created Structure to see if it is indeed a Boolean, instead of a Text.

@Jitendra: creating an Extension should be the very last resort in case of problems with SOAP. Though there are valid use cases for this, don't offer it as first response!