File system: name of the folders

Hi all !

I'm working for the first time with the file system: I'm using the "FileSystem" extension and I'm able to display the list of the files in a folder.

I would like even to get the folder's names: right now I have 2 folders with 50 files. I would like to retrieve even the 2 folders names.

Is that possibile ?

Thanks !

Hi Luca,

I'm not sure what you mean exactly. What Action or Actions from the FileSystem Extension are you using? In what way do you want to retrieve the folder names?

Hi Kilian,

I'm using the action called Directory_ListDirFiles (with my initial folder to "scan").

In my page I have a List Records with Directory_ListDirFiles.FileList as source.

The result is a list of 50 files that I have in my 2 subfolders. But I didn't find to way to retrieve even the names of the subfolders.


Hi Luca,

Looking at the Extension's source code, ListDirFiles does the following:

  1. Get information about files and directories from the specified directory;
  2. Append to the output the name of the root directory;
  3. Get only the files, and append those to the output;
  4. If the SearchSubDir parameter is True:
    1. Get all directories from the specified root directory;
    2. For each directory:
      1. Append to the output the name of the directory;
      2. Get only the files, and append those to the output;
      3. Get all directories from the specificied directory, repeat step 4.2 for each directory recursively.

So it seems, just by looking at the source code, the sub directories (folders) should be included in the output list!


yeah ... you're right !

my fault ! I didn't notice that !

sorry !!!

No problem, I can totally understand you're confused by this, it would be nicer if there was some kind of indication whether it's a file or a directory in the list.