Forge App that use a wide number of Outsystems features

Hi All,

I am looking for a relevant forge app that uses many of the Outsystems features, a comprehensive example of an app using a varied number of different widgets, screens, actions etc that would be a useful how to for many Outsystems components. 

Any suggestions?

I don't have a premade oml to share. OS seems to have great courses in learning the platform. This exercise specifically helped me in learning the basic widgets -


Hi Andre,

It is very difficult to have one single example using a large set of features because they are a big set of features and widgets.  Each one has their own purpose and could be applied in different contexts.

Take a look into the learning session of the site to know more about the native features of platform and try to download the components on forge into your personal area.  Many of them have demo samples to help you to discover how they work.