About to Consume REST RSS feed and Output issue

Hi all,

I am adding a new feature that pulls news from different RSS feeds around the world into a single database in Outsystems. I have tried 2 methods:

1. using the consume REST feature but seems there are a lot of work on structuring the manipulated output before I can store them in my database.

2. using a RSS feed plugin that was found in the Forge like this one:

We have managed to get all the titles and description and publish dates from everything, neatly all stored in the database. However, the problem is that though we have got the "Author" field read properly, many of the feeds now uses a tag called "dc:creator" instead of "Author", meaning I am getting null for the Author field but am unable to read the "dc:creator" field specifying the writer of the article. 

Can somebody please point me in the right direction to resolve this problem? Should I try to continue to use the RSS feed plugin or should I write something natively in Outsystems by consuming RSET to RSS feeds? If the later, can someone please suggest the structure or details that I need to use? Totally stuck on that one. 

Many many thanks in advance!!


I would work over the RSS plugin to fetch all the required fields.



Hi Connie,

Seems to me this RSS component is too old and it is still using an old tag to map the RSS.  I suggest you open the .xif in your integration studio and try to open the code to change the reference from authors to dc.creators.  Instead of creating your own extension from scratch, you can fix this component as well. 

Sorry not to help more, today I am out of the office and I have no access to my Outsystems environment to take a look at that.


Thank you Eduardo and Fabio, 

I will try and work on the integration studio and update this thread. Thanks again!!

We have managed to change the RSS feed .xif and was able to replace the "Author" tag to read "dc:creator" in the RssReader.cs file. Works perfectly now. Thank you!!