[Barcode Plugin] Slowdown barcode recognition speed and add box indicator

Forge Component
Published on 21 May by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 21 May by OutSystems R&D


The barcode scanner is too sensitive. Often before I align the barcode, the scan is already completed. And sometimes, it only gets partial results or incorrect recognition. Sometimes, I point the scanner towards to carpet and it can get some weird numbers!
Q: How do I slow down the recognition speed and improve the accuracy?

At the moment, it use the entire mobile screen as display.
Q: I wish I could have a box indicator on the screen. I want to align the box frame with the barcode instead of trying to get barcode appearing anywhere on the screen. How do I do that?

I have no control over when the barcode scan starts and ends
Q: I wish I can place a button on the screen. When I press and hold the button, the scan starts. It is useful in the warehouse that there are many barcodes on the shelves. I want to align the barcode to the screen, press and hold the button to scan.


George Qiao


Is there any way in which we can slowdown the barcode recognition? i would like to give more time to the user to spot the barcode.