Is It possible for a team member to work offline ?

Hello , i need to know if one member in the development team is disconnected from the on-premises development center ,

can he still work offline ? and if so when he is connected again will he be able to upload and merge his

work ?



Depends on the intended activities. Regarding Service Studio, it is possible to work while offline and even to save the modules for future upload (with merge) to the desired environment. Only specific tasks that require a network connection are not available - Aggregate preview, adding a web reference, ...




TLDR: Just syncronize whenever you can.

Longer version:

What Tiago said.

It is strongly advised that you work offline, but sometimes you just have to improvise.

  • If you saved the oml locally, you can work offline and syncronize later.
  • If you lose connection, you can keep working without it.

The only disadvantages for individual users are:

  • not being able to update/add references (that can be an issue in big projects if you edit several modules at once);
  • no testing db queries/services;
  • and local versions can't be kept/rolledback with the same easiness, so don't complain if you lose everything.

For teams add that you can't syncronize with your colleagues and is likely someone is changing something that may affect you. Or you affecting others. Dialog is fundamental. So, you can work remotely and offline, but keep the phone near you. If you are in a different time zone and you are sure no one else is editing, just syncronize everything before the others log in.


Thanks guys.