Hi all,

I'm trying to put a tooltip in a select2's input field but I can't manage to make it work. I believe it is related with Select2 since I had no troubles making it work with a Combobox without Select2.

I thought in a workaround where I'd put a tooltip being triggered on "hover" in the parents container, but it would go against the behavior of the other input fields of the application which use "click"

I attached an example so you can test it by yourself



Hi Gabriel,

You can use normal html tooltip for simple message, for that you just use combobox Extended Properties, title="<your text>". (this is working in your scenario)

i dont know your use case, is its more specific reason you are using ToolTip widget.

Hope this helps,



It really needs to be a on click with a message as the tooltip to match the User Story and the message is way to long to be stylish in a ballon.