How to enable our "Application Server Type" with both .NET and J2EE ?

As being a beginner of the Integration Studio, I have the following questions:

1. How can we change the application server type to support either .Net or J2EE, or both ?
(P.S. I assume the server can only support either .Net or J2EE, but not both)

2. If both .Net and J2EE are supported and a same function is provided in both source codes, I would like to know how our server will execute the action ?? 

3. If both options are selected at the initial stage, can we change it back to J2EE only during the development?

Many thanks in advance, cheers. 


Hi Buddy,

The Platform uses indeed either .NET or Java, it can't use both. If you are running in the cloud, you have the .NET stack. If an Extension supports both .NET and Java, it depends solely on the stack the Platform is running, so if it's running .NET on IIS, the .NET code of the Extension is used, of it's running Java on Apache, the Java code is used.

As for the option, as it says, it's the default, so you can always change it later on. Note however that if you choose "Both .NET and J2EE" for an Extension, you need to have both development environments set up.


Thanks for your reply. 

I have a better idea now. 

You're welcome :). In that case, could you mark my answer as Solution?


Since sometimes can be useful to have integration studio configured to support both versions (e.g. building forge components, working with multiple customers, etc), I recommend you to read this post. There you have everything you need in order to configure IS properly.