[Firebase Cloud Message Plugin] Firebase cloud plugin not receving notifications in oreo

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Published on 2018-08-20 by Experts
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Published on 2018-08-20 by Experts


I was trying to use the fire base cloud plugin to receive push notification when the message is sent to a topic subscribed by the user. The issue is when i'm send the the notification i not receiving the notification in android with Oreo version. But when i broadcast the message from the fire base console i am receiving the push notifications. 

Note: i am getting the notification for the same app in older versions of android.

It seems the plugin has some issue with Oreo, you are not the first one to notice this. I'll try to push some buttons for OutSystems to take a look at it, but I've been told they're currently very busy with Platform version 11.

Hey Kilian,

  Thanks for your reply. Do let me know if there is any work around for this.



This is the updated version I created,by downloading the git,modifying source code and importing the modified plugin resource and referencing it.

All edit below 

Based on 1.0.4 but modified for Android 8.0 and above by adding channel related functions and necessary imports required on android source code based on latest phonegap-plugin-push and other necessary lines of code such as plugin.xml,push.gradle for it to compile properly when generating apps

Firebase core and firebase cloud messaging is also updated in this update I created via plugin.xml

It is an unofficial update by me,this create the default channel for now which work for most use cases unless you want the channels,no channel related actions 

You can download and use the oap attached